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1 thought on “Contact Us”

  • Dear Jessica,
    In past elections, I have noticed such things as no bumper stickers for the Democratic candidate anywhere; same with buttons, yard signs, window signs, and such for the Democratic candidate. But if that is not enough, often there is no campaign office and sometimes not even a website for the candidate. (Or, if there is a website, it is way out of date for current activities and recent statements). This has been true of NE 1st district U.S.- Congress for I would sat the last three elections at least, and for that doctor from Norfolk who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014. I do understand that most national funding, and even state funding is funneled into the 2nd district to try to oust the Republican there. But I wonder, are you now, and have prior candidates it the past few elections, committed to this enough to put up, lest’s say, enough of your own money for 1000 each of bumper stickers, buttons, and yard or window signs? When I have failed to see even that much exposure of the Democratic candidate, it has made me wonder how committed the candidate him/her self really was.


    Joel M. Wilson

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