Summary: Supporting Public Schools, Addressing the Rising Cost of Higher Education

I will support K-12 public schools by getting back to basics. I want to end Federal practices that fund school choice programs by taking money from public schools. I’d like to see States controlling State and local resources in public education. There is too much focus on inducing Federal compliance at the cost of student success. Federal Government should stick to protecting student civil rights, and supporting underserved students when the State does not have enough resources.  The Federal government should continue funding programs that study K-12 education through proper scientific study, and provide this information to the State.  Other areas of student education would best be deferred to State and local control, where communities can best decide what is right for their students.

I want to address the rising cost of higher education in this country. First off, student loan interest rates are far too high. I would like to cap interest rates for new loans, and decrease student loan interest rates for students who are currently paying interest. Far too many new graduates have huge debt load after graduation. To help address this problem, I’d like to create a Federal-State Partnership addressing education in underserved areas, and grant Federal monies to fund these programs. Ideally, we would include trade schools and community college programs in this program so students are spending less while getting a more useful education. Additionally, I’d like to bring back Obama area initiatives to hold fraudulent Universities accountable to the students who took out too many loans.