Summary: Address Rising Global Temperatures, Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Cut Down On Carbon Pollution, Create Energy Efficient Upgrades to Existing Power Plants

I believe climate change is real. 200 worldwide scientific organizations know that climate change is caused by human action. I agree. Rising global temperatures are impacting our agricultural industry. In Nebraska, soil moisture is projected to decrease 5-10%, and temperature increase of 4-5oF by 2100. It’s getting steadily warmer, and Nebraska’s livelihood is at stake. With an economy that relies on agriculture, we need elected officials who are willing admit climate change is real.

Cutting down on carbon pollution is a must to combat rising global temperatures. I will continue to support efforts to cut down on greenhouse gases. I’m committed to helping implement legislation that started with the Climate Action Plan.

When elected, I plan on phasing out subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Please, stop giving this industry our tax dollars.

I’ve been reviewing the dismantling of the Clean Power Plan. I’m disgusted by the current administration’s attack on our environment. The EPA is a shell of its former self.The EPA should work with States, helping power plants meet higher standards by mixing any of four options including energy efficiency, shifting from coal to natural gas, investing in renewable energy, and making power plant upgrades.