I want legislation addressing backlogs of untested rape kits, setting federal standards like mandatory testing requirements, proper funding, & tracking. We need to stand up for victims, and process evidence. According to advocacy groups approximately 100,000 rape kits are unaccounted for, or untested.

I will support recently introduced legislation codifying the Title IX guidance recently overturn by Betsy DeVos, named the Title IX Protection Act, and other legislation to address violence against women.

Women deserve full, unrestricted access to birth control, with no religious exemptions for coverage.

I will push legislation to simplify the FDA approval process in the case of oral contraceptives, so they may be purchased over the counter.

Pregnancy should not be considered a pre-existing condition. Some of the recent Republican “health care” bills punish women for being pregnant by increasing their costs, while taking away access to birth control. More women need access to proper prenatal care, so both mom and baby are healthy.

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